Distinguishing Quality If The Silver Platter Was Taken Away: The Difference Between Potential and Privilege

the kopi mag

Illustration by Yu Sang

Title and talent.

Two distinctly different words but have started to intersect and become more associated with one another to the point that it’s hard to even tell them apart.

With how much this generation seems to favor more of making a name for yourself and being known as someone influential despite reasons as to why you should be even considered as such, people have started to disregard the importance of giving someone a platform because of what they can do, and instead emphasizing more on who they are.

What makes someone worthy to have an online presence that’s so heavily acknowledged and praised? To have people fawn over them and give them worldwide recognition? For people to say that this specific personality is the type that the younger generation should look up to?

Some might argue that others should just mind their business and let…

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