The Glamorization of Sex Work and Why It Needs To Stop

the kopi mag

We, as a society, tend to try and reduce the impact of our trauma from years and years of oppression by claiming it as our own.

Going as far as to joke about our shared experiences together, exploit them, profit off them, and mask them as trials and tribulations to lessen the severity of our struggles. So that we can feel as if we’ve beaten our oppressors and showed the world that we can find ways to uplift ourselves even through our darkest moments.

It’s a compelling sentiment and worked on several occasions as a way to validate our pain and suffering and reassure ourselves that what we went through doesn’t have to define us.

But sometimes, the line between owning the pain your oppressor inflicted on you and following the footsteps of your oppressor to gain back a sense of control by projecting your pain onto other people has…

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