Are You Actually Willing To Commit To The Reality That Lies Beyond The Fantasy?

the kopi mag

Art featured by Jun Cen

I’ve previously written an article discussing what it means to stay passionate about your craft and why we tend to fall back into the hands of uncertainty and exasperation when we are not met with the idealized results and success we fantasized about through our hard work, etc.

That piece meant a lot to me because I also tackled the concept of the infamous stereotype also known as The Tortured Artist, and the internalized struggles people who deeply resonate with this archetype go through — the self-loathing, insecurities, doubts, and frustration over their own work and how the people around them perceive them as well as their passion.

If you have gone through the process of being tortured by your craft and have even reached the inevitable breaking point of feeling discouraged if this said passion was even supposed to be a passion, to begin with…

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