Are You Living A Bad Life By Not Conforming To Society’s Ideals?

the kopi mag

Art featured by Mikyung Lee

The line between what is considered good and bad living in today’s society always seems to be determined by external factors rather than internal ones.

To the point that the definition of being content with one’s life is more on what can make other people believe that you are happy, instead of actually feeling like it.

I’ve always been the type of person who relied heavily on people’s perceptions of me even though what I showed to other people didn’t show what I actually felt inside.

Always being impatient of catching up with other people’s achievements just so that I could be able to flaunt some of my own without ever desiring to cultivate my own goals and aspirations.

Meaningless luxuries and connections to boast about — just to make it seem as if I was living a life that was fulfilled. Just for the…

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